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Affidavit of Service

Affidavit of Service is a sworn statement confirming the delivery of documents/paperwork to one or more parties in any legal matter. It is proof of service and provides evidence of service. It is filed in court as a confirmation that the documents have been duly served upon the parties.

The affidavit of service is required to be commissioned before Oath Commissioner. We can assist you in commissioning the affidavit.

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Posted on: January 29th, 2016

Affidavit of Divorce

Affidavit of Divorce is an Ontario Court form pursuant to Family Law Rules. It is used for the purposes of obtaining divorce. It is signed by the parties seeking a divorce. The affidavit contains the following information:
1. The complete names and address of both the parties;
2. The reason of divorce;
3. That all the issues between the parties have been settled;
4. The arrangement of child custody and access, if any.

It is a sworn statement under oath that the information in the application for divorce is true. It has to be signed in the presence of the Commissioner of Oaths. Once it is commissioned, it is filed in the court. If you have legal representation then your lawyer would commission the affidavit for you. If you are self represented, we could assist you in commissioning the Affidavit of Divorce.

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Posted on: January 29th, 2016

Marriages Abroad

Marriages abroad or destination marriages by Canadians are recognized in Canada only if the marriage abroad is legal under the law of the country where it took place and would have been legal if it had taken place in Canada. It is not necessary to register the marriage in Canada.

Canadian couples who want to marry abroad have to follow a procedure. Most countries would require the couple to apply for a marriage license (permission to marry) and produce a Certificate issued by the government of your province stating that there are no legal impediments to your marriage, often called a certificate of non-impediment. Canada does not provide a certificate of non-impediment. You have to apply for a statement in lieu of certificate of non-impediment of marriage abroad to Department of foreign affairs and international trade.

The department of Foreign Affairs of each country has different requirements, so be sure of what these requirements are.

Most countries would require the following:
1. A single status affidavit stating that you are legally eligible and free to marry;
2. Valid Canadian Passport;
3. If you are divorced, attach your divorce certificate;
4. If your spouse died, attach a death certificate of your deceased spouse;
5. Birth certificate;
6. Any other documents required by the country where you are getting married.

We can assist you in the preparation of the documents required by certifying true copies of your documents and drafting and notarizing the single status affidavit.

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Posted on: January 28th, 2016

Letter of Invitation

What is a Letter of Invitation-When someone wants to visit Canada and is applying for a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) to Canada, the Citizenship and immigration Canada usually asks for a letter of invitation from a person, who is your friend, relative or a colleague in Canada. This letter is presented by the person who is applying for the visitor visa alongwith all his/her application for visitor visa and documents.
What information is required for letter of invitation– If you are planning to invite a friend or a relative to visit Canada, you will be required to prepare a letter of invitation that includes the following information of the person visiting Canada and of yourself:
Information of the person visiting Canada:
• Complete name and date of birth;
• Passport details, if you have;
• Complete address and telephone number;
• Relationship to the person;
• Purpose and duration of the visit; and
• Where the person will stay during the visit.
Information about yourself:
• Complete name, date of birth, address and telephone number;
• Employment details;
• Your status in Canada, whether citizen or a permanent resident, include a copy of the citizenship card or permanent resident card.

This letter must to be notarized. Please note that the notarized invitation letter does not guarantee the visitor visa will be issued.

We can assist you to prepare and notarize the letter.

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Posted on: January 27th, 2016

Travel Consent Letter

Children and Travel
What you should do when your minor child or children is/are travelling alone or travelling with one parent only or travelling with another person without both the parents. The reason for the travel could be a fun trip, hockey or any other tournament from school, or just a vacation.
Amongst all other preparation that you would do for the safe trip of your child, you would also have to prepare a travel consent letter.

What is a travel consent letter– it is a letter by the non-accompanying parent/parents giving permission to their child/children to travel and leave the borders of the country without them.

How to prepare a travel consent letter– You can prepare the consent letter yourself or take the help of a notary like myself. This letter contains the following information:
a. The complete names of the parents, their address and their phone numbers;
b. The complete name of the child or children, their date of birth, their passport number with its date of issue and their birth certificate or registration number and date;
c. The complete name of the parent or the person the child or children are travelling with, his or her relation with the child/children. The travel letter should also include the passport details of the parent or the person the child is travelling with.
d. The trip details are also included.
e. This letter has to be notarised.
f. The person travelling with the child should have in their possession the travel consent letter and any identification document of the child with them at all times for the duration of the trip.
g. Some consent letter would also give permission to the accompanying person for any medical attention that the child may need during the trip.

Why a notarised travel consent letter– a notarised consent letter provides confirmation of the identity of the child and the accompanying person.

What supportive documents are required– The examples of child’s identity document could be a birth certificate, passport or citizenship card.

If the parents of the child are separated divorced or only one parent has the sole custody of the child/children, it is essential to carry separation agreement or a court order to support that.

The main focus of this process is the safety of your child/children and identification of the child and the person accompanying the child.

However, having a notarised consent letter does not guarantee that children will be allowed to enter or leave a country, as every country’s entry and exit rules are different.

The Government of Canada has a lot of information and facts on travel consent letters that is recommended to be read.
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Posted on: January 26th, 2016


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