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Application for Advance Permission to enter United States of America (USA)

Who is Inadmissible to USA?

There could be many reasons:

Someone involved in criminal act and in violation of US immigration Laws. The Offence could be in any country. The inadmissibility could be temporary or permanent.

It means that you are not allowed to enter United States of America since you were charged or been arrested or convicted of an offence inside or outside of United States of America. If you are trying to enter the USA as a nonimmigrant on a temporary visit, in that case you need visa to enter USA (unless you are exempted).

If you are a Canadian Citizen and are inadmissible and intending to visit USA then majority of time you are required to apply for Advance permission to enter United States of America. The application form is I192. You may invariably fall into this category.

Therefor, you are being a Canadian Citizen although exempted for USA visa, but you may be denied entry to USA due to inadmissibility.

Because of inadmissibility, such an individual will lose opportunity to enter USA.
What does that mean?


Attention: Us Entry Waiver(I192) Is Not the Same as Visa Waiver Program

The solution is to apply and obtain US Waiver I192

NOTE: Grant of US Waiver I192 is not a travel document. Any foreign citizen other then Canadian or any national who need a visa for USA is required to obtain a valid visa for USA separately.

How can we help you to prepare your file?

We will get RCMP Certified Criminal Check Report by way of submitting your fingerprints to RCMP. We are RCMP Accredited fingerprinting agency.

  • Any police or Court Record pertaining to your conviction for each offence weather sentenced or no sentence.
  • If you ever had done name change, then we will require Name change certificate issued by the Government Department.
    Details of as to why you intend to visit USA.
  • Current employment.
  • If you attended any counseling or rehabilitation session as a result of criminal offence.
  • Someone who can verify you.


There could be more to the list depends on each individual situation.

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