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Affidavit of Divorce

Affidavit of Divorce is an Ontario Court form pursuant to Family Law Rules. It is used for the purposes of obtaining divorce. It is signed by the parties seeking a divorce. The affidavit contains the following information: It is a sworn statement under oath that the information in the application for divorce is true. It […]

Affidavit of Service

Affidavit of Service is a sworn statement confirming the delivery of documents/paperwork to one or more parties in any legal matter. It is proof of service and provides evidence of service. It is filed in court as a confirmation that the documents have been duly served upon the parties. The affidavit of service is required […]

Letter of Invitation

What is a Letter of Invitation When someone wants to visit Canada and is applying for a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) to Canada, the Citizenship and immigration Canada usually asks for a letter of invitation from a person, who is your friend, relative or a colleague in Canada. This letter is presented by the […]

Marriages Abroad

Marriages abroad or destination marriages by Canadians are recognized in Canada only if the marriage abroad is legal under the law of the country where it took place and would have been legal if it had taken place in Canada. It is not necessary to register the marriage in Canada. Canadian couples who want to […]

Travel Consent Letter

What you should do when your minor child or children is/are travelling alone or travelling with one parent only or travelling with another person without both the parents. The reason for the travel could be a fun trip, hockey or any other tournament from school, or just a vacation.