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Novel Notary Public Services has been serving communities for notarization and commissioning of documents for more than ten years. Our office has Licensed and qualified Lawyer and staff, and Notary Public seal is registered with Official Document Services, Government of Ontario for document authentication.
Novel Notary Public services provide digital or electronic fingerprints submission to RCMP.

We also have capability of capturing fingerprints with Ink and Roll technique on fingerprint forms of almost all countries required for criminal background check. Whether these fingerprint forms are specific to the country or on RCMP fingerprint card, all are managed with accuracy.

We are helping our clients to get Record suspension granted by Parole Board of Canada. Besides Record Suspension, our officers are well experienced in preparing your file for US Entry Waiver. You have an opportunity to discuss your specific situation and your information will be kept confidential. For this purpose, we do not charge any consultation fee.

Our Services

RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Company

Fingerprints for Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Residence, Reliability clearance, Controlled Goods, Provincial Government, Employment, Adoption, Privacy Act…


Fingerprinting From Outside Canada

If you are currently living outside of Canada and you have been asked to provide Certified Criminal Record check from RCMP, Canada,…


Ink and Roll Fingerprinting FD 258 and FD 1164

is required by individuals currently living in Canada. Identity History Summary Request or FBI Police Clearance or FBI Police Certificate for immigration to Canada,..


Record Suspension

(FORMERLY known as PARDON) If you were convicted of a crime, you have an opportunity to avail Record Suspension from Parole Board of Canada, if eligible…


U.S Entry Waiver I192

Are you Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident and are Inadmissible to enter USA or have you been denied entry to USA? We can help you to prepare your documents…


Commissioner of Oaths for Taking Affidavits

Affidavit, Statutory Declaration, Sworn Statement, Statement of Conscience & Religious Belief, Consent to travel for Minor Children, Authorization or Power of Attorney…



to certify documents such as true copy of Original, attested copies, Power of Attorney, Consent letter for children traveling abroad, Invitation Letter…


List of IDs (Identifications)

The Applicant must provide two pieces of valid government-issued identification. The primary identification that may be accepted includes….

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Our Notary Public and Commissioner of Oaths have experience since 2007. We have serviced thousands of clients with due care and satisfaction.

RCMP Accredited Private Digital Fingerprinting Agency

is centrally located in Mississauga, walking distance from Square One. Our officers are highly experienced in digital and Ink and Roll Fingerprints. We are providing Fingerprinting services for last eight years.

Our services are prompt, reliable and customer friendly.

We endeavor to meet our clients expectations with due care and diligence. Our emphasis is on clear communication

For those who are applying for Record Suspension and US Entry Waiver I192,

Our Services are comprehensive for clients who are seeking Record Suspension and US Waiver. We will guide you step by step to prepare and complete your file.


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