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FBI Fingerprint Card FD258 & FD 1164 Identity History Summary

Ink and Roll FBI Fingerprinting Card, FD 258 or FD 1164 are required by Individuals who have lived in United States of America. If you are currently living in Canada and are looking for Identity History Summary Request or FBI Police Clearance or FBI Police Certificate for immigration to Canada, permanent resident Application for Canada, Canadian Citizenship, or Employment, then you are required to mail fingerprint card FD 258 or FD 1164 to FBI. Both cards are used for Identity History Summary Request.

(We have these cards in our stock supplied by FBI)

How to Submit Identity History Summary Check Request

1. Go Online

Follow the steps under “Obtaining Your Identity History Summary.”

Complete all the sections. If Your request is for more than one person, then create and submit second application in the same way with separate fee.

Submit your Fee and a message of confirmation will be sent to your email.

Take a printout of email confirmation.


2. Obtain FD 258 or FD 1164. We have both the cards in stock without any extra fee.

We will capture your fingerprints on FD 258 or FD 1164

You need to mail fingerprint card and Email Confirmation printout by Courier or Canada Post to the following address:

FBI CJIS Division-Summary Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306

Fingerprinting on FD 258 for Professional Licensing

If you are submitting either of these Forms with your applications for the following purposes, then you are advised to comply with instructions received from respective organizations. Sometimes Fingerprinting cards are mailed by the Licensing Agencies or Boards to the applicants. The Applicants are required to bring these cards for Ink and Roll Fingerprinting along with any specific instructions.

Who needs FD 258 and FD 1164

Sample FD 258

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