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Certified Criminal Record Check

I have been asked to provide Certified Criminal Record Check

If you have been asked to provide Certified Criminal Record Check report, this invariably refers to obtain Certified Criminal Record check report from RCMP based on fingerprints submission through RCMP Accredited Private Fingerprint Agency. We have seen in our experience that people sometimes obtain a non-fingerprints-based report which causes wastage of money and time.

Therefore, the first question people should know is if they require Criminal Record check based on fingerprints submission or non-fingerprints-based check. Non-fingerprints-based check is also called Name and date of birth-based check report.

The second question, people should understand as to why Certified Criminal Record Check report is required. There could be many purposes and reasons. A detailed list is available on our website page.

Now you know why you need a Certified Criminal Record Check report. You can visit Novel Notary Public Services, an RCMP Accredited Digital Fingerprinting Agency. We will have your fingerprints captured and submit electronically to RCMP to get you the Certified Criminal Record Check report.

Should you still have questions, do not hesitate. Call us and we will address your all questions.

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