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FBI FD 258 Fingerprinting Card Services

At Novel Notary Public Services, we have immense experience in providing reliable and professional FBI FD 258 fingerprinting card services. Whether you require fingerprinting for employment background checks, immigration purposes, or other official needs, our experienced team ensures a seamless process. What is an FBI FD 258 Fingerprinting Card? The FBI FD 258 fingerprinting card […]


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP fingerprinting service is provided for various purposes, including criminal record checks, immigration, citizenship, PR, employment, visa, record suspension, and other identification needs. If you have been asked to get criminal record check done based on RCMP fingerprinting services, then you need to visit Private fingerprinting company accredited by RCMP. […]

Fingerprints applicants request form—Contract Security Program

The Applicants, existing or prospective employees, consultants, contractors and other users who are exposed to Government information/ facility are expected to safeguard and protect these resources. The instructions are issued by Public Services and Procurement Canada also known as Public Works and Government Services Canada   for regulating the internal policies and administration. The Federal Government […]

Fingerprints to get RCMP criminal record check

In this article we are going to discuss various scenarios when you are required to provide RCMP criminal record check certificate for the purpose of providing to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada). You should know that IRCC runs many programs for Canadian immigration including visitor, student, or temporary worker, etc. The first question is […]


Have you received an email from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canda) asking you to submit your fingerprints to continue processing your application for Canadian Citizenship? If yes, you need not to worry. This is a normal procedure. What you need to do now? Please follow the following procedure: Contact an RCMP Accredited fingerprinting Agency. […]

Certified Criminal Record Check

I have been asked to provide Certified Criminal Record Check If you have been asked to provide Certified Criminal Record Check report, this invariably refers to obtain Certified Criminal Record check report from RCMP based on fingerprints submission through RCMP Accredited Private Fingerprint Agency. We have seen in our experience that people sometimes obtain a […]