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An Oath is solemn declaration that a statement is true is administered before a Commissioner of Oaths or a Notary Public. Oaths are often used to confirm a written statement, an affidavit, for use in courts, estate, or land title transactions.

Commissioner of Oaths for taking affidavits in Mississauga

A Commissioner of Oaths for taking affidavits is a person who can administer an oath, affirmation or declaration to a person making an affidavit.

A Notary Public has all the powers of a Commissioner of Oaths for taking affidavits, and can also verify signatures, marks, and copies of documents are true or genuine.

A Commissioner of Oaths invariably affixes seal on Affidavits, Statutory Declaration, Sworn statement, the following kinds of documents:

Affidavits to be filed in court proceedings in

Small Claims Courts, Family Courts or civil courts sworn or affirmed before Commissioner for taking Affidavits.

Affidavit of Execution of a Will, Affidavit

of lost cheque, Affidavit of Service

Affidavit of

Sole Support, Affidavit of Divorce, Affidavit for Marital Status as Single or Sole Support, or Never Married, Statutory Declaration for OSAP (Ontario Students Assistance Program)

Ontario Land Transfer Tax Refund Affidavits

Statutory Declaration of a Legal Marriage

The form is used in the matter of the Canada pension Plan and the Old Age Security Act and in the Matter of a Legal Marriage.

Sworn statement for a family gift of a used vehicle in the Province of Ontario:

The sworn statement is used by the Recipient and Donor of the used vehicle within the family who can gift a used vehicle by signing a sworn statement before a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths.

Statutory Declaration in lieu of Guarantor for a Canadian Travel Document

Statutory Declaration for name changes in the Province of Ontario

Statutory Declaration and claim for surviving spouse.

Statutory Declaration of progress Payment distribution by contractors (CCDC)

Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief:

Used under Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) for children and adolescents attending primary or secondary school as an exemption.

Affidavit regarding request for exemption from Covid 19 vaccine

Application for Authorization and Statutory Declaration

for the purpose of entry into Canada for extended family members covid 19 emergency orders in council under the Quarantine Act

Consent Letter for Children Travelling abroad either with one parent or without any parent as travelling alone.

Documents required to obtain a variety of provincial government services,

including applications for lost government cheques, child support or student loans, can often be sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths

Documents required for

municipal business, such as, applications for municipal licenses or zoning variances.

Automobile Proof of Loss –

This form is provided to comply with the Insurance Act against loss or damage to the insured vehicle. The insured is to sign this statutory declaration in the presence of Commissioner for Oaths or Affidavits

Insurance claims

Pension Plan documents

Birth and Death Applications

as by specific Act of a Province or Country.

Certification of identifiable individual’s signature

Drafting an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration for Name Change or One and Same Person

Life Certificate for Pensioners-

Pensioners invariably asked once in a year to provide the office a life certificate duly signed and stamped by Notary Public or Commissioner of Oath.


We do not provide Notarization of following documents

  1. If you are preparing a WILL and looking for notarization, we do not notarize such documents.
  2. Marriage Agreements/ Contracts or Separation Agreements/ Contracts or Agreements/ contract for Custody of minor child 
  3. Promissory Note
  4. We do not provide any legal Advice on any of documents which are Notarized or Commissioned
  5. Rental Agreements
  6. Documents in any other language than English (Documents only in English are acceptable)

NOTE: Please consider that Novel Notary Public Services will not be extending any legal advice on documents being notarized, commissioned, attested, or certified.