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Fingerprints to get RCMP criminal record check

In this article we are going to discuss various scenarios when you are required to provide RCMP criminal record check certificate for the purpose of providing to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

You should know that IRCC runs many programs for Canadian immigration including visitor, student, or temporary worker, etc.

The first question is who needs to provide RCMP Police certificate. You should know that normally the thumb rule is for every member of family, 18 or older who has lived in Canada for more than 6 months in one go. (for any specific requirement, we will suggest the relevant program guide and rules)

Another important question is when I should submit this RCMP police report. The answer to this question in general that when you submit your application, you should keep this report ready because different programs have different times. To avoid last minute delays, you can procure the report in advance. For more details, investigate the specific program Instruction Guide.

The most important question, how to get the RCMP Criminal Record Check report. This could be divided into two parts:

One, are you physically present within Canada.

Second, are you physically present outside Canada.

For those who are within Canada, you can either go to the local police office and check if the police services office provides fingerprints based RCMP criminal record check. Many of police services office do not provide fingerprints-based check. You should remember that for the purpose of IRCC programs you require fingerprints based RCMP report. If by mistake or ignorance you procured without fingerprints-based report, please you should know that the said report will be rejected, and you will lose time and money.

If you do not find fingerprints based RCMP report in your local police office, then the second option is RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Companies. Private fingerprinting companies accredited by the RCMP.

The fingerprinting Company will capture your fingerprints electronically and submit to RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services for verification against the National Repository of Criminal Records and the RCMP criminal check record will be mailed to you or your authorized person.

For those who are not physically present within Canada.

Broadly the guideline is provided by RCMP on its website page

For those who may be falling in tis category, you need to check up a specific agency as to how they can help you. However, if you require our services, Novel Notary public Services is a private fingerprinting company accredited by the RCMP. You can contact us and one of our officers will guide you through this procedure.

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