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Walk-in Notary Public Services

NOTARY PUBLIC MISSISSAUGA- Novel Notary Public Mississauga office provides customers varied Notary Public Services in Mississauga including Notarization of Documents, Commissioning of Affidavits, and Commissioner of Oath Services for Statutory Declaration, and Witnessing of signatures on selected documents.

Powers of Notary Public

Notary public in Ontario is an appointment in terms of Notaries Act of Ontario. Generally it is a barrister and solicitor and the powers are derived from the Notaries Act.

According to Section 3 of the Notaries Act “Subject to subsection 2 (2), a notary public has and may use and exercise the power of drawing, passing, keeping and issuing all deeds and contracts, charter-parties and other mercantile transactions in Ontario, and also of attesting all commercial instruments that may be brought before him or her for public protestation, and otherwise of acting as is usual in the office of notary public, and may demand, receive and have all the rights, profits and emoluments rightfully appertaining and belonging to the calling of notary public. R.S.O. 1990, c. N.6, s. 3”

A notary public has and may exercise the powers of a commissioner for taking affidavits in Ontario. R.S.O. 1990. Where a notary public is authorized by any Act of the Legislature to administer oaths or to take affidavits or declarations in Ontario, it is not necessary to the validity of any such oath, affidavit or declaration that he or she affix his or her seal thereto. R.S.O. 1990, c. N.6, s. 4 (2).



It is a statement of facts or contents made by the affiant voluntarily under oath or affirmation. The affidavit is based upon either the personal knowledge of the affiant or his or her information and belief as true. Usually there are standard forms of affidavit unless otherwise to avoid any unrequired contents and language. Affidavits are used in business and in judicial and administrative proceedings


A person who has knowledge of the facts and has capacity to take an oath or make an affirmation.


Certification of Documents:

It is a true copy of an original document signed by a Notary Public. The purpose is that when you are not submitting an original document rather a copy is certified as true of the original is considered equivalent to the original.


Consent Letter or Travel Consent Letter:

This document is used for children carry a consent letter if they are travelling abroad alone, with only one parent/guardian, with friends or relatives or with a group. The letter demonstrates that Canadian children have permission to travel abroad from parents or guardians who are not accompanying them.
Carrying a consent letter does not guarantee that children will be allowed to enter or leave a country, as every country has its own entry and exit requirements.
Usually the letter is signed by every non-accompanying person or organization with the legal right to make major decisions for the child, including anyone with:custody rights, guardianship rights, parental authority, by any non-accompanying parent who has access to the child.
The is certified by a Notary Public who has the authority to administer oath or solemn declaration.


A commissioner for taking affidavits may take affidavits and administer other legal oaths,affirmations or declarations within or outside Ontario.


Commissioner of Oath for taking affidavits in Mississauga:

An Oath is solemn declaration that a statement is true is administered before a Commissioner of Oaths or a Notary Public. Oaths are oftenly used to confirm a written statement, an affidavit, for use in courts, estate, or land title transactions.

A Commissioner of Oath for taking affidavits is a person who can administer an oath, affirmation or declaration to a person making an affidavit.

A notary public has all the powers of a commissioner of oath for taking affidavits, and can also verify that signatures, marks, and copies of documents are true or genuine.

A Commissioner of Oath invariably affixes his/ her seal on the following kinds of documents:

  • Affidavits to be filed in court proceedings -Small Claims Court, Family Court or civil court sworn before Commissioner of Oath authorized to take affidavits
  • Sworn statements for the transfer or family gift of a used motor vehicle
  • Documents required to obtain a variety of provincial government services, including applications for lost government cheques, child support or student loans, can often be sworn before a Commissioner of Oath
  • Documents required for municipal business, such as, applications for municipal licenses or zoning variances
  • Vehicle transfers
  • Insurance claims
  • Pension Plan documents
  • Birth and Death information applications as prescribed by Statute
  • Certification of identifiable individual’s signature
  • Drafting an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration including Commissioning



Invitation Letter:

Usually this letter is written when an individual is applying for a visa to visit Canada. The letter is provided in good faith as a promise that the invited person shall be taken care of by the invitee. This more likes a promise. There is no specific form rather is written differently by different persons, however, should contain some required information which the immigration authorities are looking for in this letter.


Power of Attorney:

This document is widely used to grant powers by the principal to his agent to take care of a variety of transactions for the principal. Powers of attorney can be written to be either general or limited to special circumstances. A power of attorney generally is terminated when the principal dies or becomes incompetent, but the principal can revoke the power of attorney at any time.Some different types of power of Attorney could be as below:

  • General Power of Attorney
  • Specific Power of Attorney
  • Power of attorney for Health and care
  • Power of Attorney for property

The governing laws and requirement could be different for different jurisdiction.


Statutory Declaration:

It is a written statement of fact signed in the presence of Notary Public or other authorized persons. It is invariably used not as a sworn statement rather to affirm something to be true for the purposes of satisfying some legal requirement or regulation when no other evidence is available.


Details of Documents

Notarization, Commissioning and Certifications by Notary Public:
(For any other document please call us to confirm).

  • Affidavit of Divorce
  • Affidavit of execution of a Will
  • Affidavit for lost cheque
  • Affidavit of service
  • Application Exporting vehicles overseas
  • Application of Change name
  • Business visa requests
  • Certifying documents as true copy if original is there
  • Commissioning of oaths and solemn declarations
  • Common-law union declaration
  • Consent letter to travel-consent by one or both parents
  • Certificate of Origin for Exporter for export shipment
  • Certifying as true copy of Degrees, diplomas, transcripts- if original is there
  • Drafting and Notarization of Single status affidavit
  • Invitation letters or Letter of Invitation
  • Invoices and other shipping documents
  • Marriage In a Foreign Country
  • Notarization of criminal record check
  • Notarization of mortgage documents
  • Notarization of real estate documents
  • OSAP declaration
  • Ontario Land Transfer Tax Refund Affidavit
  • Overseas Citizenship of India(OCI) Application
  • Persons of Indian Origin(PIO) Application
  • Packing slips
  • Passport Application for adults
  • Passport Application for child
  • Passport loss or damage declaration
  • Permanent Resident card applications
  • Power of Attorney
  • Proof of loss of Automobile or property for insurance claim
  • RRSP withdrawal declaration
  • Statutory declaration for Name change application
  • Statutory declaration for lost/stolen passport
  • Statutory declaration of legal marriage
  • Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor
  • Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Sub Contractor
  • Statutory Declaration to accompany application for certificate of authorization for professional corporation
  • Sworn statement of a Transfer of a used motor vehicle in the province of Ontario
  • Travel Consent
  • Witnessing signatures


Mobile Notary Public Services- Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington

At Novel Notary Public we welcome all enquiries for mobile Notary Public Mississauga, Notary Public Milton, Notary Public Oakville, and Notary Public Burlington. Such clients who are looking for mobile notary public service may please call us for appointment. Clients are advised to sign document only in the presence of Notary Public.

Corporate clients-

Notary Public Mississauga, Notary Public Milton, Notary Public Oakville, and Notary Public Burlington
If any organization approaches us for a corporate account we may prepare a group scheme and offer corporate rates.
1. To open corporate account- contact Pawan Kumar
2. Information required from corporate clients- Corporate information/initial deposit, if required, costs per document, payment method-credit card information/void cheque/billing
3. IDs

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To book an appointment please call
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between 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM
Walk in service is available only from Monday to Friday.
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